Haider embraces new faith

January 13, 2024 7:59 am

Boxer Nathan Singh.

It’s not every day we see an athlete converting to another religion, especially in Fiji.

Boxer Nathan Singh, also known as the Prince of Fiji, initially embraced Islam, intending to find flaws within the religion.

However, he soon discovered a deeper love and connection to the faith, which has given him a new sense of purpose in life outside the ring.

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Nathan Singh now goes by the name Ubbayd Haider after converting to his new-found faith.

“A lot of new stuff. Islam is actually a blessing to me in disguise. It has changed my life completely. It has brought in so much discipline in my life and honestly saying I really look forward to learning more about the religion and being a vessel of Allah”.

Haider was brought up with Christian values but since converting to Islam, he has a renewed sense of focus on what he wants to achieve in life and boxing.

The 24-year-old man expressed that his decision to convert did not come easily to his parents, but he is grateful that they accepted him.

The father of two has also given credit to Faiaz Ali, who was there for him.

The former president of Rewa Football states that Haider had voluntarily expressed his desire to convert to Islam and wasn’t coerced.

“I don’t know what got stuck to him and he actually thought no it was something different and he wanted to try it. So we welcomed him and we asked him okay, we can always come around and see how things are. We did not force him. We are trying to guide him and we are trying to help him out and we have also told him that when he’s giving his interview he must respect his opponent. ”

Haider is determined that he will be more disciplined in his upcoming bouts, as that is something he learned from his new faith.