FABA to reach out to more junior fighters

January 10, 2024 4:14 pm

The Fiji Amateur Boxing Association plans to host more training camps for junior fighters across the country.

National coach Cam Todd says this will make it easier to access youngsters who wish to be considered for selection in upcoming competitions later this year.

“And eventually will be to run camps in the west as well, just to get further and further around the island and into the other islands so that all of the younger ones have an opportunity to get involved.”

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FABA National coach Cam Todd

With a squad of 20 fighters currently preparing for the Oceania Championships in Tahiti in September, Todd says the mission is to revive the sport from the junior grade upwards.

“Ideally we’d love to take a full team. I think we had maybe six last year but that was really short notice and funding was a bit of a problem but we will be a lot more prepared so I’d like to take a full team and get a few more females boxing.”

Todd says he will continue to host monthly training camps for the squad, which he adds is the best-prepared team so far for any competition, regional or international.