MGM sets sight on Fiji Finals

March 14, 2024 3:41 pm

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School is setting their sights on the big prize following their inter-house at the HFC Bank Stadium today.

MGM is hoping to go one better this year in the zone and Fiji Finals.

Vice Principal, Rageshwar Prasad says they have been preparing for the inter-house since day one and will continue to do so until the Coca Cola Games.

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Prasad says they are focusing on the girls division acknowledging.

“Last year our girls settled in the third place in the Fiji Finals, this year we are hoping to at least be second. That’s what we are working very hard on.”

Rageshwar Prasad

Approximately 300 students took part in the inter-house today which is a big boost.

MGM is thankful to all the supporters that turned up in numbers today to support the students and is anticipating the same in the zone meet and Fiji Finals.