Close to 3000 athletes for Coke Games

August 11, 2022 4:20 pm

Vuli Waqa says 137 schools are expected to be part of the Games.

This year’s Coca Cola Games is expected to be the biggest as the number of registered athletes’ almost reaching 3000.

The 2022 Coca-Cola Games Official Torch was lit today marking one week from the much anticipated event.

Fiji Secondary School Athletics Association secretary Vuli Waqa says after a little over three years the biggest athletics event in the Pacific is back with more interests.

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“We normally have around 2700 for most of the years but this is the first time its likely going to reach 3000 altogether so that makes it the biggest in the history of the coke games”

Association President Marika Uluinaceva says with challenges faced through the COVID-19 period, they are amazed with the response from schools.

“We thought that COVID would have an impact on the games in a way that it would make it smaller or it would make it less interesting but to our surprise its gone bigger and we thank the students who’ve been training for the last two years”

The 2022 Coca Cola Games will be held from next Thursday to Saturday and you can watch it Live on FBC Sports channel.