Water woes continue for some

May 3, 2023 6:30 am

Fijians in the Suva-Nausori and Lami corridors continue to face disruptions in their water supply.

Water Authority of Fiji Chief Operating Officer, Seru Soderberg says these are the customers who receive supply at certain times, but they will not be able to get 24 hours of supply.

Soderberg says customers in these areas are affected by the valve operations carried out by the WAF team to build healthy reservoir levels.

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Chief Operations Officer, Seru Soderberg.

He adds that the team carries out valve operations from 7pm until 10.30pm and reversals are done around 4am.

Soderberg says WAF also carries out valve operations within the day from 10am whereby customers face supply and pressure issues.

“Valve operations are a critical component of the work we do now to build reservoir levels. Especially in the evening, we try our best to build the reservoir levels to be healthy enough so that in the morning, customers are able to receive some supply.”

Soderberg says while there have been two significant rainfall events over the last three weeks, it is still not enough.

He adds they have built up their coffer dams, and while they were able to sustain as much as possible, as of yesterday, the water level is back to the critical level of below 0.8 metres.

The Chief Operating Officer says to replenish the sources, they need at least 6 millimetres of rain every day.