Walesi investigation nearing completion

March 15, 2024 4:05 pm

[File Photo]

Communication Minister Manoa Kamikamica confirms the investigation into the satellite digital television platform, Walesi, is in the final stages.

The investigation, which commenced last year, has been examining allegations of excessive spending on the Walesi platform.

Kamikamica says the investigation focused on the financial and technical aspects of the platform.

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“There were two parts to the investigation: the technical part, which is now complete, and the Auditor General, who is just doing the work on the final part. So once it’s done, I will go back to the cabinet with the findings, and if there is a need to go to FICAC, we will go to FICAC, and I will report in the house what we have seen.”

During a parliament sitting last year, Kamikamica stated that the previous government had spent around $125 million on the establishment and rollout of Walesi since 2015.

He had highlighted that $42.5 million of this came from the Telecommunications Development Trust Fund, and the other $82.5 million came through budget returns.

The investigation will establish how the funds were spent and whether due process was followed in terms of tenders, vendor selection, and procurement.