Violent confrontation in Lami lands officers in hospital

January 1, 2024 4:42 pm

[File Photo]

Two police officers have been taken to hospital after sustaining injuries in an alleged confrontation.

It’s alleged that at around 4.00am today, three female officers were on patrol along Qauia, Lami, when they were approached by the suspect, and he ended up assaulting one of them.

One of the female officers went to get assistance, and three male officers came to confront the suspect.

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The suspect’s brother confronted the three officers with a cane knife and struck one of them, causing injuries to the officer’s head and arm.

The suspect who assaulted one of the female police officers is now in custody while a search is underway for his brother.

Police Chief of Operation ACP Livai Driu says such incidents will not discourage Police in carrying out their duties.

He says the sad part is that despite trying to promote peace, officers are being attacked for carrying out their duties.

ACP Driu confirmed that a team has been formed to track down the second suspect.

He adds that assaults on officers won’t be taken lightly, and they will come down hard on the people responsible.”

Investigation continues.