Villagers work on restoring grassland areas

June 17, 2024 12:22 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

The Yavusa Kavula Restoration Programme in Bua Province, is making remarkable progress in restoring grassland areas within the five Mataqali of Yavusa Kavula.

This initiative is being undertaken between the Ministry of Forestry and the environmental NGO Live and Learn Fiji.

As part of the programme, the Yavusa Kavula has already planted 2,836 native assorted seedlings.

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In addition to restoring native vegetation, the initiative aims to plant 10,000 mandarin seedlings to boost local agriculture.

Recognizing the importance of this project, the Ministry has funded a temporary nursery to assist the community in raising their own seedlings for various planting operations, including mandarin cultivation.

Forestry Minister, Kalaveti Ravu, visited Kavula to officially open the temporary nursery this week.

The restoration programme was inspired by a site visit to Nayarabale Village in the District of Vaturova.