Vessels to improve surveillance of fishing ground

June 16, 2024 7:34 am

[Source: Ministry of Fisheries, Fiji/ Facebook]

In response to the necessity for resources to conduct surveillance of fishing grounds, the government presented two 23-foot fiberglass boats to fishing cooperatives in the District of Nadi in Bua.

Fisheries Minister, Kalaveti Ravu says the assistance aims to assist the day-to-day activities of individuals whose livelihoods depend on the sea.

The members of fishing cooperatives in Sawani and Nasavu villages breathed a sigh of relief after they received two fiberglass boats equipped with outboard engines.

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[Source: Ministry of Fisheries, Fiji/ Facebook]

Sawani Village representative, Asaeli Drugu expressed gratitude to the government, saying the boats will help monitor illegal fishing in their fishing ground.

Nasavu Village Headman, Maciu Vututawa says the boats will boost the generation of income from fishing, which will eventually improve their livelihoods.

The 23-foot fiberglass boats are each valued at $25,000.