Upgrade commences on Naviriqilai-Nasealevu Road

March 5, 2024 4:26 pm

The road in Naviriqilai

Work along the road leading to Viriqilai and Nasealevu villages in the district of Sasa has begun.

Speaking to FBC News, village headman Kasiano Vusonilawe says the Fiji Roads Authority started the upgrade last week.

This follows the threat issued by the landowners in Viriqilai last month about plans to shut down one of the main water sources that falls within their boundaries.

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However, when questioned by FBC News Vusonilawe says the time frame still remains, which is from now until April 1, and they will close it if no action is taken on the road upgrade.

Vusonilawe has also indicated that one of the initial agreements made a few years ago was for the Water Authority of Fiji to be the caretaker of the road that connects the water source.

He claims that it’s been over 20 years and WAF has been ignoring their agreement.

“There are other issues here in this village that we have raised with past governments, but all have been thrown out and ignored, so now we are really trying to disclose all those issues with the current government because everything has gone unheard over the years.”

He adds one of the current ministers had also made a promise during the last election campaign that he will construct the road once elected in government, but so far nothing has been done.

The Naviriqilai and Nasealevu villagers claim the road issue has been ongoing for the last three decades and talks are only reaching the meeting and consultation level.

The villagers have shut down the water source three times in retaliation.