Turaga supports PM's appointment of Graham Leung

June 20, 2024 4:50 pm

Former Attorney General Siromi Turaga and new Attorney General Graham Leung

Former Attorney General Siromi Turaga has expressed his support for Prime Minister’s decision to appoint Graham Leung as the new Attorney General, describing it as a significant relief.

Turaga highlighted the immense responsibility of serving simultaneously as Attorney General and overseeing the Justice portfolio.

He is now focused on enhancing the standards within the Ministry of Justice.

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“Well, I accept. Look, there’s a lot of work to be done. Huge responsibility as an Attorney General, Minister of Justice, and now it’s a more focused view. In fact, we have built up the Ministry of Justice in the last ten months or so. It’s really up to standard.”

He noted the successful submission of annual reports and the launch of a strategic plan, expressing excitement about ongoing collaborations with the Fiji Corrections Service and various registries.

Turaga emphasized the importance of building capacity and increasing the Ministry’s visibility.

Additionally, Turaga mentioned plans to present proposals at the Lomaviti Provincial Council meeting aimed at simplifying access to birth certificates, addressing long-standing issues that previous governments neglected.

He pointed out that the needs of people living outside Suva, have often been overlooked.

Turaga remains committed to serving the government in any capacity.