Turaga and PJSP collaborate on regional justice system

June 21, 2024 11:30 am

Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga

The Pacific Judicial Sector Programme representatives and Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga, discussed joint efforts to improve judicial systems around the region yesterday.

Turaga says regional collaboration plays an important role in strengthening legal systems and advancing the rule of law.

He adds a wide range of important subjects were discussed, such as judicial training, capacity building, access to justice, and the application of long-term justice reforms.

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Turaga reaffirmed Fiji’s commitment to work closely with regional partners to accomplish common goals and voiced strong support for the Pacific Justice Sector Programme’s objectives.

The Programme representatives lauded the Minister’s dedication and emphasized the achievements of the Program’s current objectives.

They stressed that to maintain progress and meet new challenges, all member states must continue to interact and support one another.

A cooperative effort including several Pacific countries, the Programme seeks to improve Judicial Systems through regional cooperation, policy creation, and capacity building.

The goal of the program is to guarantee that everyone has access to prompt and efficient legal services by fostering equity, accountability, and accessibility in the justice system.