Team to checkout soil types: Sayed-Khaiyum

September 5, 2022 10:44 am

[File Photo]

The government will be working with Fiji National University to see how industrial hemp nurseries can be developed.

Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says there is quite a lot of work being done in that respect.

Sayed-Khaiyum says in a few weeks’, a team will be coming to Fiji to check out the soil types to identify areas where industrial hemp farming would thrive.

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“We also have to ensure that when people grow it, somebody has to buy it. So all this needs to be done properly. We are doing it to make sure there is sustainability.”

Sayed-Khaiyum says in the meantime, the laws have been amended to allow the importation of the seeds.

He adds that, unlike marijuana, industrial hemp has a low level of Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.
Hemp is a desired compound for the fiber industries to manufacture rope, canvas, paper, clothing, and alternative textiles.