Tabuya takes learnings with her

May 9, 2022 4:50 am

The Peoples’ Alliance provisional candidate Lynda Tabuya.

The Peoples’ Alliance provisional candidate Lynda Tabuya has opened up about her shift in political allegiances over the past few years.

Tabuya was once a leader of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, a former Social Democratic Liberal Party Member of Parliament and is now with The Peoples’ Alliance.

She describes the journey as difficult, and she is learning a lot along the way.

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“There are moments of unhappiness, but there are also moments of achievements and triumphs, and now that I am with the Peoples’ Alliance Party, you know, politics is such that you have to deal with people.”

Tabuya says she believes that politics is also about relationships and this is an area she will work on improving.

She says it is encouraging to see new people interested in politics.

The Peoples’ Alliance will be naming another set of provisional candidates in Nadi today.