Survey of government leased iTaukei land extended

February 18, 2024 4:14 pm

The survey of government institutions on iTaukei land leased to the State will continue for the next 10 years by the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources.

This has been approved by Cabinet.

The objectives of the project are the demarcation and survey of the correct lease boundary of State leases on iTaukei Land for acquisition of registered leases and the determination of correct ground rentals.

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It also aims to prioritize the survey plans approved to ensure the registration of leases to protect Governments interest over the leased areas.

The Project commenced in 2009 for 723 Government stations, with a total coverage of 19,954.98ha.

These 723 Government stations are on iTaukei Leases which the Director of Lands has now acquired and/or now leased on behalf of the State.

Various government installations including health centres, schools and agricultural stations amongst others, are hosted on these iTaukei land leases.

The Ministry will now focus on surveying government leases rather than leases under government statutory entities.

The rights of both the State and landowners will continue to be protected during the implementation of this Project.

The Project is currently in its 12th year of implementation.