Support critical for PAFCO

May 14, 2024 4:30 pm

Pacific Fishing Company Limited (PAFCO) expresses gratitude to customers as it commemorates the 50th anniversary of its Sun Bell brand.

Speaking at the grand draw of the 50th Sun Bell Anniversary Bash in Lautoka, Chair Mahmood Khan emphasizes the pivotal role of customer support in sustaining the company’s operations over the past six decades.

Khan states the remarkable growth of the Sun Bell family, attributing its success to the unwavering support of the local community.

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“Your support in buying one can of tuna actually goes back to the people of this country in terms of keeping quite a few employees. It’s not only where it’s produced, which is Levuka, but right throughout the country.”

Reflecting on the brand’s journey since its inception, Khan says the Sun Bell brand has flourished over the years, becoming a symbol of quality and reliability that Fijians can take pride in.

In recognition of this significant milestone, a six-week-long competition saw customers participate.

The competition, which saw widespread customer enthusiasm, culminated today in a grand draw, marking the pinnacle of the 50th Anniversary celebrations.