Students suggest including counseling sessions in curriculum

March 14, 2024 9:05 am

[Source: Fiji Government/ Facebook]

Public consultation meetings on the formulation of the new national development plan continues in the Central Division.

Students at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School have appealed for the new national development plan to include school councilors in efforts to address mental, social, and emotional challenges faced by students in urban areas.

The students who took part in the NDP consultation suggested including counseling sessions in the school curriculum, as part of the review of the education curriculum.

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To ensure successful implementation of the new development plan, students suggested that the plan be adaptive to economic shocks and global crisis and become future ready for new technological developments in the digital arena.

Meanwhile, residents of Koronivia, raised the fact that the ever-increasing crime rate in the area is a major issue.

To address the issue, a request has been made to build police posts, adequately resource police operations.

In the long run, they requested that the government explore options for a bypass road in Koronivia connecting to Naulu, Nakasi, to ease traffic congestion.