Stakeholders unite for beach clean-up in Wailoaloa

April 3, 2024 3:12 pm

In a collective effort to promote environmental stewardship and responsible tourism, a beach clean-up was organized at Wailoaloa beach today.

This included Tourism Fiji, the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), and Take 3 for the Sea.

Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill says they know how important our pristine environment is, and they’re doing all they can to keep it that way.

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Hill says they want to continue to involve tourists in their sustainability initiatives, introduce fun activities, and contribute to protecting our environment.

Managing Director of NCL APAC Ben Angell says taking the beach-clean up series offshore for the first time represents a significant milestone for the cruise line and its commitment to help preserve the destinations it visits.

Angell says Fiji is one of his favourite holiday destinations to visit with his family, not only because of the white sandy beaches, lush mountains, stunning coral reefs and crystal blue water but the heartfelt welcome and culture of the people.

Take 3 for the Sea, an organization dedicated to reducing plastic pollution in oceans worldwide, provided expertise and guidance for the cleanup event.

Around 50 people were part of the event.