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Six Grace Road detainees free

August 17, 2018 1:03 am

The six senior members of Grace Road who were earlier detained are now free to continue with their business.

This is after the Lautoka High Court granted a discontinuance on the matter today after it was filed by Ronald Gordon the lawyer for Jung Yong Kim, Beomseop Shin, Sung Jin Lee, Byeongjoong Lee, Chul Na and Jinsook Yoon.

Ronald Gordon the lawyer of the six Korean Nationals filed a discontinuance application before High Court Judge Justice Anare Tuilevuka this morning.

This basically meant that the case on the six Grace Road senior members which was before the Lautoka High Court ceases from today.

Gordon stated that this was because his clients who were earlier detained by the Immigration Department have all been released and that according to the law it was redundant to produce them in persons before the court.

He said that the earlier injunction was filed to prevent the six from being deported as they had feared this was the case.

However, Gordon says that he has been informed today by the State lawyer that there were no orders for deportation.

He also says that the six still need to abide by the Fiji Laws and if they fail to do so the Police are entitled to take them in.

The six members were taken in following a raid at the Grace Road Headquarters in Navua on Tuesday night.

Last month, the Grace Road Church Founder – Shin Ok-ju was arrested in Korea on allegations of incarceration, assault and the exploitation of foreign currency.