Shortage of blood remains a challenge

May 11, 2024 7:36 am

There is always a shortage of blood in every hospital around Fiji, and blood donation remains one of the greatest needs in Fiji.

This has been highlighted by Blood Services Manager North Alena Koroi, stating that hospitals are full of patients that need blood transfusions.

Currently, the Fiji National Blood Services under the Ministry of Health is holding a nationwide blood drive with the Fiji Red Cross in the Northern Division to meet the demand across major hospitals.

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“We are getting positive responses; we are getting all the people to know about blood donation. I knew before people were asking, what is this blood for? Blood has so many myths behind it, but I want to clear the air that the blood is for blood transfusion only.”

Koroi is encouraging everyone to shift their thinking about blood donation.

Instead of only giving blood when a relative is sick, people should understand that there’s a constant need for blood every day, so they should donate whenever possible.

A similar national blood drive is also expected to be carried out in the Western Division.