Climate Change

Shameem urges shift from linear to Circular Economic Model

January 31, 2024 11:05 am

University of Fiji Vice Chancellor, Professor Shaista Shameem says the Linear Economic Model no longer serves the needs of people and place.

Speaking at a Regional Conference on Gender-responsive Climate Policy formulation, Shameem says for a nation to make a meaningful contribution to saving the planet and the people, there is an urgent need for policy-makers to move actively towards fostering the Circular Economic Model.

She said the Circular Economic policy is based on the 3 Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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The Vice Chancellor emphasizes that a nation’s economic philosophy, particularly its taxation regime, needs to be radically transformed by governments actively pursuing policies that are gender-sensitive, culturally-appropriate and protective of land, sky and ocean.

She stresses that only a Circular Economic model can deliver people-centred results.

Shameem says much of the current climate change conferences and meetings delivered mere talkfests showing very little improvement for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

The VC says human rights are being daily violated as a result of policies based on the Linear Economic Theory which exploited people and resources.

She says the Pacific Island states, especially Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, can take the lead globally by making a meaningful transition towards such policy development which put people and planet first.