Salary increment will address exodus of teachers: Goundar

June 17, 2024 6:50 am

The Fiji Teachers Union believes that the increase in salary of teachers will address staff exodus.

FTU General Secretary Muniappa Goundar claims that recent reports from the Ministry of Education reveals that almost 100 teachers resign in a month.

Goundar says this is a significant number, and the government must act swiftly to avoid the issue from escalating further.

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“We must be able to retain teachers, and the only way to retain teachers is by pegging them to the correct salary, and a salary increase for the teachers is a must. Now we have been calling for all this, and, you know, it has been falling on deaf ears.”

Goundar says if the government does not pay a fair salary for teachers, they are only paying teachers to prepare them for greener pastures abroad.

He says the Ministry of Finance must ensure that it allocates enough budget to the Ministry of Education to help retain teachers.

The General Secretary earlier stated that their members will continue to pursue a secret ballot, as their meet with the Finance Ministry reached a stalemate.

We are expecting a comment from Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad.