Robertson appointed Film Fiji's new CEO

February 29, 2024 12:20 pm

Film Fiji Chief Executive Officer,Jone Robertson.

Film Fiji has appointed Jone Robertson as its new Chief Executive Officer.

After a short stint working on overseas film productions in Fiji, Robertson joined Film Fiji in 2018.

He has worked with international productions such as Netflix, Amazon, STX, CBS, Blumhouse Productions, and Hallmark.

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In 2021, Robertson was promoted to Productions & Logistics Executive.

As the new CEO, Robertson is expected to drive Film Fiji through a period of key transition, underpinned by their strategic plan through to the end of 2026.

Robertson says he is excited to assume the role and committed to building on their past successes.

He states he will work together with all stakeholders to further elevate Fiji as a premier filming destination.

Film Fiji Chair, Culden Kamea says Robertson is a popular and excellent Captain to steer Film Fiji through the transition to new horizons.