FRA addresses urgent road infrastructure issues

April 5, 2024 10:19 am

[Source: Fiji Roads Authority/Facebook]

The Fiji Roads Authority recognizes the attention required to facilitate urgent road infrastructure works around the country.

The FRA states that sections of the road infrastructure have been severely impacted after continuous rainfall.

It notes that the wet weather is also posing a significant challenge for the team to carry out necessary upgrades.

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In a statement, the FRA mentions that as it continues the restoration program, it is also assessing and identifying resilient solutions for severely impacted road infrastructure.

[Source: Fiji Roads Authority/Facebook]

Potholes are a major recurring issue, and the FRA says it is working around the clock to reinforce resources and manpower to bring the road network to serviceable levels.

The FRA adds that more strategic plans are being drawn up to implement a pothole reduction program to minimize its recurrence.

The introduction of resurfacing via a mill and fill treatment of key roads will be facilitated.

[Source: Fiji Roads Authority/Facebook]