Road upgrade work progressing well

January 12, 2023 12:32 pm

Nasese road works. [File Photo]

The Fiji Roads Authority has confirmed that the Nasese Road works under the Queen Elizabeth Drive Road Upgrading Project is progressing well.

FRA Chief Executive, Kamal Prasad says the project’s completion date is dependent on the weather.

He adds that the project has been delayed since the beginning because there have been some changes in design.

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“You will see we have got preloading near the bridge so these things and also EFL lines we are doing undergrounding so there has been delay in supply of cables so things like this have delayed things but it’s not that bad. The COVID-19 also delayed it.”

FRA CEO, Kamal Prasad.

Prasad says the work is progressing well, and they are expected to finish work by August this year.

Nasese road works. [File Photo]

Work on the two-lane road includes the upgrade of the existing road alignment, which includes the wider carriageway, an on-road bicycle lane, two roundabouts, a service lane, a parking facility, landscaping for beautification and street lights.