Residents facing new issues

March 20, 2023 12:17 pm

[File Photo]

Residents in the greater Muanikau and Nasese areas of Suva says poor drainage and flooding has become major issue after the proposed tourism development.

This they claim happened Tian Lun Investment was granted a five-year development lease over 36 hectares of state land in September 2018.

The lease issues have created ripples within the area and Fiji and all further works are now on a stop.

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Resident, Adrienne Ali says the works has resulted in the water flowing into their homes and damaging properties.

“Whenever it rains or there’s any form of flooding, all the water flows off Nasese waters property, but right into all of the neighboring properties and the current water solutions that they have. Drainage solutions at the moment can’t cater for the level of water that’s coming into these areas. So, everybody, ‘s property gets flooded except Nasese waters. And that’s not acceptable to all the residents around here who have been long-term residents of the area.”

Ali says the Nasese foreshore is used by a lot of locals and their children who come to enjoy a nice picnic and relax.

She claims that the proposed development has interfered with all these activities.