Professional delivery of services prioritized

December 7, 2023 2:54 pm

[Source: Fiji Police Force/ Facebook]

In a concerted effort to reshape public perceptions of policing, officers in the Western Division are prioritizing the professional delivery of services and fostering stronger connections with the community.

This is being done under the guidance of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Operations, Livai Driu.

Assistant Commissioner Driu recently conducted a comprehensive review of the Western Division’s Operational Readiness Check Parade in anticipation of the festive season operations.

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[Source: Fiji Police Force/ Facebook]

Emphasizing the significance of community policing, he articulated that a substantial portion of police success hinges on building robust relationships with members of the community, the business sector, and civil society.

While acknowledging existing support for policing efforts, ACP Driu highlighted the prevailing issue of trust deficits in the community.

[Source: Fiji Police Force/ Facebook]

He noted instances where individuals seeking assistance have been met with excuses, eroding the credibility of the force.

ACP Driu asserted that a substantial portion of complaints against the police and their services are avoidable, signalling the need for a proactive approach to addressing public concerns.

Addressing recent cases that have raised anxiety among community members, ACP Driu expressed concern over the actions of some officers when dealing with initial reports.

He emphasized the importance of providing assurance and relief to those seeking help.