Parent company of Fiji Water pursue agriculture opportunities

May 21, 2024 2:57 pm

[Source: Supplied]

The Wonderful Company which is the parent company of Fiji Water has plans to pursue agriculture development opportunities in Fiji.

This initiative includes plans to cultivate five fruit tree crops to contribute to Fiji’s economic growth and increase the country’s sustainable practices.

Chairman and President and co-owner of The Wonderful Company Stewart Resnick says they hope to build a better future for Fiji’s local growers and consumers by ensuring secure and sustainable food supplies.

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Rensick says they care deeply about the people and success of Fiji, a country that they are proud to operate in and give back to in many ways.

[Source: Supplied]

In April, experts from the company, which produces two-thirds of America’s fruits and over 90 percent of its nuts from its base of operations in California’s Central Valley, visited farms, businesses, research stations and potential growing sites across the Fiji.

Their on-the-ground research confirmed that the conditions for growing limes in Fiji are similar to the company’s 8,600-acre citrus operation in Mexico, making them the largest commercial citrus farm in the country.

Based on the favorable tropical climate, suitable soil and land accessibility, the southwestern corner of Viti Levu from Nadi to Sigatoka appears to be the ideal region to grow Persian seedless limes, Mexican seeded limes, lemons, papayas and mangoes.

The company has a further exploratory trip planned in July when company experts from America will consider honey and beekeeping opportunities in Fiji, and ways that the company may be able to bring its expertise in that industry to Fiji.

The Wonderful Company is known for its commitment to sustainable farming, having invested over USD$400 million in sustainable farming including water-efficient irrigation systems, eco-friendly pest and bee management, carbon reduction, and more.