Pacific Polytech is a limited liability company: Taoi

July 4, 2024 4:18 pm

Director of Pacific Polytech, Peni Taoi

Director of Pacific Polytech, Peni Taoi, states that the technical institute is a limited liability company and is not a product of any political party promise.

He highlighted this during a presentation that provided a comprehensive review of what the institute is about.

Taoi says that with the recent budget announcement where Pacific Polytech was allocated about five million dollars, there have been a lot of questions with regards to the institute’s affiliation with political parties.

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“And what happens when negativity comes in? It is important that we face the facts instead of shying away from them.”

The Director of Pacific Polytech states that they are filling in the gap that has been left with the closure of technical colleges in 2019.

He adds that the team had also invited members of the coalition government and members of the opposition for the presentation, but they were not in attendance due to other commitments.