Only 152 ratepayers in Levuka

March 8, 2022 5:40 am

Local Government Minister, Premila Kumar.

The Levuka Town Council only has 152 ratepayers and the rates collected is not enough to provide services in the Old Capital.

Local Government Minister, Premila Kumar says this contributes to challenges in solid waste management among other things.

Kumar says the Council charges $42.08 for residential garbage collection and $85 for commercial ratepayers.

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“Levuka Town Council could only manage to collect around $10K. This shows that the council will continue providing the waste collection services despite not being paid the garbage fees by the ratepayers in a timely manner.”

Kumar says the Council also does not have enough resources to help in waste management adding that they have to hire machinery from the mainland which also has been a burden to the Council for a number of years.

The Council yesterday received timely assistance from the Japanese government, whereby heavy machinery will be bought to assist in waste management.

The assistance includes an excavator and a tip truck worth over $300,000.