New auto gas station opens in Nakasi

April 16, 2024 3:45 pm

Investing in clean auto fuel is vital to helping the country lower its carbon footprint.

This was highlighted by the Chief Executive of Fiji Gas, Hans Reiher, during the opening of the 20th auto gas refueling station at the Rars Service Station in Waidamudamu, Nakasi, this morning.

Reiher says due to the population size in the Suva/Nausori corridor, they decided to invest in this service station.

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The Fiji Gas Chief Executive says LPGs are a healthier option for the environment.

“With LPG emitting 20% less carbon and a significant reduction in black exhaust soot, LPG as a fuel for vehicles just makes sense for our health and the health of our environment.”.

Riehers says so far they have made over $3 million in investments throughout Fiji in LPG stations.

Rars Service Station Director Rajendra Prasad says that more people who have LPG vehicles can easily fuel up.

“I’m very glad to get this auto gas down here. we have been getting that has been coming up from the people around the place that they have been running around to Suva side or going right down to Nausori to get their auto gas filled in the cars and no they have come to they have got any auto gas bowser here in Nakasi”

Fiji Gas hopes to encourage more Fijians to transition to cleaner alternatives.