Need for more caregivers in Fiji

June 25, 2024 4:20 pm

Twenty-eight individuals who graduated from the basic caregiving program have been reminded of the critical need for skilled caregivers in Fiji.

During the graduation ceremony in Lautoka today, Minister for Youth, Jese Saukuru, emphasizes the indispensable role these new caregivers will play in the community.

Saukuru also reminded the graduates of the importance of caregiving in supporting the most vulnerable members of society.

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He called on more youth to try out the training.

“Your training is also equipped with skills to execute jobs as professional caregivers, both locally and internationally. This can help reduce unemployment rates among youth and provide a stable source of income for you. I am confident that this program will not only benefit you, but also contribute to the growth of the health care sector and stimulate job creation.”

Graduate Rosalia Bolanivere says they underwent comprehensive training for three weeks which will equip them with vital caregiving skills.

Bolanivere says she aims to further develop what she has learnt focusing on caregiving.

The curriculum covered a range of essential topics, including patient care, medication management, and effective communication strategies.

The Ministry for Youth remains committed to supporting such initiatives that empower individuals and foster the development of essential skills within the community.