Need for collaborative effort to tackle overcrowded classrooms

January 21, 2024 4:41 pm

The Education Ministry is calling on parents to consider schools near their homes for their children’s education, aiming to address the ongoing issue of classroom overcrowding.

Permanent Secretary, Selina Kuruleca acknowledges the concerns surrounding overcrowded classrooms and emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to find solutions.

Kuruleca says overcrowding in schools is a complex issue with no quick fix.

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“The taking away of the no zoning policy has also added to people choosing their preferred institutions or preferred high schools and primary schools. It not going to be fixed overnight. We have 738 primary schools and 173 secondary schools so from that data alone you know that there is a mismatch but how do we ensure that children go to school.”

Kuruleca is encouraging parents to prioritize schools located near their homes.

“We want to encourage parents you know check out schools near your home, this reduces travelling time, this also reduces costs and of course many of the smaller schools still have vacancies.”

The Education Ministry is calling on parents to work together adding that they can create a more equitable and accessible education system for students.