Naupoto backs armed officers in drug war

May 21, 2024 1:01 pm

Former Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commander Viliame Naupoto

Former Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commander Viliame Naupoto supports the idea of using RFMF officers and firearms to assist in Fiji’s war on drugs.

He says this move should be based on intelligence, particularly if they discover that those dealing with drugs are armed.

Naupoto highlights the desperation of individuals involved in the drug trade to ensure their business continues.

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“It depends on people on the other side people they are trying to get, those that are involved in drugs. It makes sense if people that are involved in drugs are armed, those that are responding should be also so in that regard I agree coming from the safety point of view.”

The Opposition MP is responding to calls for involving the RFMF in the fight against drug trafficking and use. However, legislative support is necessary for this initiative.

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka confirmed today that Cabinet is waiting on the Attorney-General to incorporate this proposal into an Act.

“It’ll have to be gazetted as they will be working in a police role. We cannot just bring them out of camp straight into a Police role. It has to be gazetted, it has to be dealt with in Cabinet and then launched.”

Rabuka adds that deploying RFMF officers requires an in-depth examination of the complexities surrounding their role in addressing the drug epidemic and this is imperative as it aims to safeguard societal well-being and military integrity.