Natural Disaster

Flash flooding shocks residents

November 28, 2023 4:27 pm

Farmers in Waidradra village in Navua are now waiting for flood water to recede completely so that they can ascertain the extent of damage to their crops following flash flooding this morning.

Residents in Navua were caught by surprise as flood water started to rise quickly due to the heavy downpour.

FBC News visited the area around 3pm and flood water had still not receded by then.

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Navua Police Standby team swiftly rescues families at Calia Back Road

Waidradra Villager, Atunaisa Delai, says that while they have experienced flooding in the past, it has not been to this extent.

Delai says there are 200 villagers in Waidradra, and the number of people was up at 3am as heavy rain continued into the night.

He says they expect more rain later today, which will worsen the situation.

Navua Police Standby team swiftly rescues families at Calia Back Road

Meanwhile, Beqa villagers were also caught by surprise as they made their way to Navua this morning.

Mereoni Buloulevu says they were on their way to Navua by boat when it started to rain heavily.

“On our way from Beqa to hear the weather was ok. But half way along our way before we entered the Navua River we saw sudden change in the water and it was flooded and was brown.”

Another Beqa villager Malakai Nabaka says he came to Navua yesterday and was not able to return home due to the heavy rainfall.