Nadroga/Navosa urged to combat drug menace

June 19, 2024 12:27 pm

Minister for iTaukei Affairs, Culture, Heritage and Arts Ifereimi Vasu has highlighted the pressing issues facing Fiji, calling for unified action against drug abuse and promoting public health initiatives.

While opening the Provincial Council Meeting in Sautabu Village, Naqalimare Navosa today Minister Vasu stresses the gravity of Fiji’s drug crisis, emphasizing its detrimental impact on communities, including a surge in HIV cases and heightened instances of violence against women and girls.

His address served as a rallying cry to provincial representatives, church leaders, and parents, urging them to engage consistently with youth about the perils of drug addiction.

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Highlighting the dual threat of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) prevalent across Fiji, Vasu urges vigilance in dietary habits, advocating for the consumption of locally grown fresh vegetables abundant in the area.

Addressing the economic landscape, the Minister emphasizes the pivotal role of tourism in the province, urging stakeholders to harness its potential for sustainable development and employment generation.

Vasu says tourism is a lifeline for the province and called on villagers to leverage this industry to its fullest to benefit the communities.

The meeting will end tomorrow.