MOU to address labor shortages

May 20, 2024 4:34 pm

Students registered under the construction programs at Polytech will provide support to the Public Rental Board in overcoming the skilled labor shortages.

This has been made possible through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations.

Pacific Polytech Director Peni Taoi says the discussion for the collaboration was for one year, where they focused on putting students into the construction side in order to build their skills.

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He states that students will be able to gain practical experience as their programs are based on competencies.

“Here, I think the interest is all construction. Various trades and skills exist within the construction industry. And also, I think part of the agreement is with the institution, the employ, and how orderly they work. Some of them may need programs that will allow them not to move up, maybe from Certificate 3 to Certificate 4, so we now have that so we can collaborate with them”.

Public Rental Board General Manager Timoci Naleba says this will ensure the employability of the youth.

“We have a shortage of skilled workers in Fiji. Most of them have gone overseas, so because of that problem, we have to look elsewhere. We have the basic numbers with us, but once Polytect has come in and offered student programs, they can come and assist. We were happy to sign with them”.

Naleba adds that they have a program in place that will assist students in ensuring that quality is not compromised.