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More senior citizens to benefit from social pension scheme

October 25, 2018 6:21 pm

The Social Welfare Ministry is expected to receive up to 5000 new pension applications for Social pension scheme every year.

Permanent Secretary Dr. Josefa Koroivueta says the ministry is projecting this after the government’s reduced the pension eligibility age from 66 to 65.

Dr Koroivueta says they’re predicting 400 new applications every month.

“That’s a projection based on the existing data that we have. Because right now, there’s about 70 percent of the population that is below 40 so we are sitting on a pyramid but we know come in the next three decades or so probably 2050 or could be earlier, we will become an age nation, there would be older persons than the younger generation.”

The social pension scheme currently provides $100 monthly allowance to 37,000 recipients who are under scheme.


More senior citizens to benefit from Social Pension Scheme

June 10, 2016 5:04 am

The eligibility age of Government’s monthly Social Pension Scheme will be lowered to 66 years as of 1st July this year.

The previous eligibility age was 68 years old.

Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Rosy Akbar says there’s an estimated additional 4,000 senior citizens that will be assisted under the new age criteria.

In line with the mandate of the Fiji First Government, she says this is to recognize the contributions of the senior citizens in the development of their families and our nation.

Akbar says the Social Pension Scheme currently provides monthly pensions of $50 to persons aged 68 years and over who do not have any form of income or pension, or who have never been beneficiaries of a superannuation scheme like the FNPF, Aftercare Fund or Ex-servicemen.

She says that Government’s monthly Social Pension Scheme is currently benefiting a total of 18, 293 senior citizens in Fiji.

The 2016 budgetary allocation for the Social Pension Scheme was increased to $13 million from $8 million the previous year.