Ministry embraces drones for forest monitoring

March 25, 2024 6:06 am

[Source: Supplied]

Minister for Fisheries and Forestry Kalaveti Ravu says they now use drones to assess forests, check on illegal logging, and monitor forest growth.

In marking the International Day of Forests celebration, held at Conua District School in Nawamagi, Nadroga Province, Ravu highlights the use of Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing technologies for improved data collection and dissemination.

The Minister acknowledged the pressing need for creative solutions to protect, manage, and develop Fiji’s forests for the benefit of current and future generations.

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He stresses the importance of embracing both innovative technologies and traditional knowledge for sustainable forest management.

The Minister also highlighted the Ministry’s efforts to bridge the gap between tradition and technology, citing the online licensing system that streamlines the process for resource owners to acquire permits.