Minister says over 800 nurses have resigned

February 15, 2023 1:30 pm

An astonishing 800 nurses resigned from the Health Ministry last year alone.

Health Minister Doctor Atonio Lalabalavu highlighted this during his maiden speech in parliament this morning.

He believes that they require well-supported, appropriately compensated, and capable healthcare professionals who are compassionate and caring.

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Lalabalavu says they have 3056 nursing positions in the country and nursing workforce is crucial in all aspects of health services.

“They are a major part of our professional and caring health system delivery however last year alone 807 approximately 26.4 percent has resigned from the Ministry. The issue have been noted in the media over the last few years but finding the quick solution is going to be a challenge. It is not an issue that we can shy away from and requires a multi-factorial and multi- sectorial approach.”

Lalabalavu says he will work with the Ministry and health facility leadership teams with the government to look for solutions to these issues.

He adds that the solutions will be approached in an inclusive and consultative manner.

The Health Minister says that the next four years will be focused on improving the health sector.