Media can be a tool to address gender issues

July 6, 2024 4:42 pm

Media can be used as a tool to promote gender equality and initiate conversations that impact people on a national level.

This was highlighted by Nalini Singh, Executive Director of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, during the final day of the Pacific Media Conference’s panel discussion on Gender and Media in the Pacific.

Singh states that media has the power to give valuable information and knowledge via its content on gender issues and taboo conversations such as sexual health and reproductive rights.

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Singh says the media can help shape positive narratives at the community level.

“Media outlets in the Pacific can also support advocacies campaigns and initiatives aimed at promoting equality and women’s rights where they provide a platform for activist and NGOs and other agencies to reach a wider audience with their messages and call to action.”

Nalini Singh [left] during the final day of the Pacific Media Conference’s panel discussion 

Singh states that media can also empower great movements that can benefit others.

She adds that the media outlets can bring attention to life to systemic inequalities cases of gender-based violence and barriers to women’s participation in various fields of life.

The FWRM believes media lacks gender sensitization at times which may lead to unintended offence.

The organization is suggesting more training to counter such issues.