Mausio responds to Israel trip saga

January 28, 2024 12:58 pm

Director of Kane Holding PTE Limited, Michael Mausio, claims that allegations of money laundering by his travel agency are fabricated and false.

This is in regard to the Israel Tabernacle trip that was undertaken last year, whereby 197 passengers travelled on the special chartered flight; however, a few did not pay for their trip.

Mausio was responding to recent media reports, accusing him and his company of laundering money among other accusations.

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Fiji Airways emphasized in November last year that the decision to operate the charter flight to Israel was based on purely commercial considerations.

However, the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption states that they have received complaints of “abuse of office” and “fraud” against the Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Viliame Gavoka, in this regard.

According to Gavoka, it was entirely a commercial arrangement, and the government has nothing to do with this, as they, at that point in time, only initiated it to ensure the safe return of Fijians, as he reveals that they were given two hours to evacuate citizens who were trapped at the Israel airport.

Meanwhile, Mausio claims that he is awaiting an investigation that needs to be done, as he has nothing to hide.

He also claims that his legal team is currently preparing to move forward to take the necessary actions against these slanderous allegations against the parties involved.