Marijuana grower sentenced to six years

March 18, 2024 2:36 pm

[File Photo]

Inoke Sevakatini, aged 44 has been sentenced to six years and seven months in prison by the Savusavu Magistrates Court for cultivating 238 marijuana plants.

He will be eligible for parole after serving five years of his sentence.

Sevakatini’s case encountered several adjournments as the court sought psychiatric evaluation to assess his fitness to plead.

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The doctor’s report revealed a history of mental illness including schizophrenia and non-compliance with prescribed medication.

However, it concluded that Sevakatini was aware of his actions during the incident and fit to take his plea.

Entering a guilty plea, Sevakatini affirmed his understanding of the charges and his decision to plead freely, without coercion.

Acting Puisne Judge Usaiaia Ratuvili stated that the sentence aimed to deter similar offences in the future while also promoting Sevakatini’s rehabilitation.

He also commended Sevakatini’s cooperation with the police and his early admission of guilt as positive steps towards personal reform.