Man fights for his life in ICU

December 30, 2023 4:53 pm

Son and daughter of victim at the crime scene

A family is enduring the holiday season under distressing circumstances, praying for their father’s recovery from a severe attack.

Maureen Singh, the daughter of the victim, says her father, who is 60 years old, was assaulted on Christmas Eve during an attempted robbery at his place in Samabula and is now in critical condition in the hospital.

Singh, who lived in Christchurch, says she and her sister had to leave everything behind and get to Fiji after seeing the condition his father was in.

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Maureen Singh, daughter of victim

She adds that her mother, who was also with them in Christchurch, had to return to Fiji with them, and they are hoping for their dad’s recovery while calling for justice at the same time.

“He is in ICU and fighting for life; that’s how badly they stabbed him; he is still fighting for life; I am in Fiji now.”

Son and daughter of victim at the crime scene

Singh claims that two men entered the victim’s house on Christmas Eve during the day, attempting to carry out a robbery.

“Whoever is doing this, if you want to steal something, you steal it. It will come back; we can earn whatever we lost; we can earn money; we can earn the stuff; you take the things, but don’t hurt people. Don’t be that brutal to hurt someone.”

One of the victim’s sons claims that the attackers used a knife belonging to a neighbour to harm the 60-year-old.

Meanwhile, Singh had only just celebrated his 60th birthday three days before the incident.

It’s believed that the robbers took cash and mobile phones while leaving the victim in critical condition.

We have reached out to the police for updates on the investigation.