Lami residents call for park upgrade

December 7, 2023 4:26 pm

Tikaram Park

Concerns have emerged from residents of the Lami area regarding their safety around Tikaram Park in Lami.

The residents are calling on the Lami Town Council to review the park as they have noticed broken playground equipment, unsafe foreshores, broken benches, and many more.

They believe that this will be a major issue, especially during this festive season as families will be visiting the park.

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Lami Resident Eparama Serelawa is urging the Lami community to work together to safeguard the park.

“Most people won’t want to come and enjoy their time here with the kids because some of the benches are broken, the ladders are broken, and most of the stuff is not really in good condition and needs to be repaired.”

Another resident, Latu Nasi Temo, has also raised concerns regarding the foreshore, suggesting that the Lami Town Council work on putting fences near the shore.

FBC News is trying to get comments from the Lami Town Council.