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John Nikolic knew about the drugs on board: 7th witness

February 1, 2019 4:45 pm

The seventh state witness in the alleged drug case involving the Australian couple told the court that John Nikolic told his wife that he was aware of the drugs onboard the ‘Shenanigans’.

Vasiti Toga who is a Customs Officer says when John Nikolic spoke to his wife Yvette after the drugs were found, he told her that a Columbian marine hid something in the bag.

Later John told his wife that he owed a lot of money to some dangerous people and this was the only way to pay them.

John also told his wife that he will be gone for some time and she needed to take care of their babies.

Toga also told the court that Yvette started crying and questioned her husband as to why he got involved in such a crime.

John Nikolic then requested the Customs Officers if he could go to the washroom and after returning he became unconscious.

The court heard that after this incident, Yvette went to the same washroom and returned with a plastic container which had vapors in it and claimed that her husband must have overdosed on some sort of drug.

In court, today Toga also identified the container which had 15,000 American dollars, a fully loaded revolver and ammunition in a packet named ‘Aguila Ammo’.

Yvette and John Nikolic are alleged to have unlawfully imported illicit drugs, arms, and ammunition in Denarau, Nadi last year.

The two are jointly charged with two counts each of importing an illicit drug with two alternative counts of possessing an illicit drug.

They are also charged with a count each of possessing arms and ammunition without holding an arms license.

The couple was arrested after authorities seized 13 bricks of cocaine weighing 15 kilograms as well as 65 methamphetamine tablets with an estimated value of $30 million from their yacht.

Officials also found $15,000 in undeclared currency, two pistols and 112 rounds of live ammunition on board.

The trial will resume in the Suva High Court on Monday.