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Investigation commences into Lagilagi Housing project

January 4, 2019 7:00 am

Preliminary investigation into the affairs of the People’s Community Network has begun following complaints in relation to the Lagilagi Housing project.

The Government had started an ambitious project with PCN ten years ago to provide better housing for people living in informal settlements in Jittu Estate.

The PCN was given twelve-point-seven-million dollars by the Government for the project, however work was not delivered as promised.

Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Chief Executive, Joel Abraham says they are now leading the investigation after receiving several complaints since October last year.

“The complaints are pouring in. People have quite a lot to say and it’s very interesting complaints as well. One of the complainant was not living in Jittu estate and she said that she is renting somewhere else, however,  she has paid money and was promised a flat because of this low cost housing project.  So quite a few interesting complaints.”

Housing Minister, Premila Kumar says they will be looking at the grievances of the complainants and how the government funds were used.

“If it was used wisely than it is another story but if it was not used wisely than we have to look at other mechanisms of what should be the next step because we just cannot allow money to be ploughed in into a project which has not delivered the result we wanted.”

Meanwhile, attempts to get comments from PCN proved futile.

The investigation may take few months to complete.