Immigration reforms to address depopulation crisis

July 5, 2024 6:57 am

The Coalition Government is actively addressing the challenges posed by depopulation and labour shortages through comprehensive immigration reforms.

Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad, emphasized the government’s dedication to enhancing the immigration system to attract and retain essential labour.

The Finance Minister warned that Fiji could face significant depopulation in the near future, even if the current exodus of people ceased immediately.

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“We are trying to make our immigration department more efficient so that we can get the labour that we need here. And as a country, we are foreshadowing that we might be facing depopulation very soon.”

To achieve our aspirations for development, Professor Prasad believes that we must reassess our population and immigration policies to get people into areas where we need them.

Managing Partner KPMG Fiji Lisa Apted says it is crucial that this commitment be maintained to ensure improvements in immigration processes.

“I know they have some system updates coming through later in the year, but that commitment to see it through so that we can see those improvements that then bring about improvements in business itself.”

The government’s proactive stance on business facilitation and immigration reform is indicative of its dedication to tackling Fiji’s economic and social problems, laying the groundwork for a more prosperous future.