Humanitarian aid continues in Tonga

January 26, 2022 4:35 pm

[Source: Red Cross]

As relief efforts continue in Tonga, the three main areas of concentration is providing safe drinking water, food and shelter to affected people.

Tonga Red Cross Vice President, Drew Havea says the Western parts of the country was the most affected from the volcanic ash and Tsunami waves.

Havea adds it is a miracle that only three casualties were recorded, as many people tried to save themselves by climbing trees.

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[Source: Red Cross]

According to Havea it will take more than three years to get life back to normal in Tonga.

He adds their biggest concern now is to save crops affected by seawater and salvage farms to plant quick short-term crops.

[Source: Red Cross]

Havea adds another issue is the relocation of people from outer islands which have been completely wiped out because of Tsunami waves.

He says many of these families come from fishing communities and relocating them to Capital Nukualofa may affect them.

“Some will be six months to get started. Definitely a whole year, but if we’re looking at relocation – it is going to be two or three years if all our mechanisms are moving correctly, and hopefully people are part of the decision of these processes.”

The Tonga Red Cross Vice President says they are happy with the humanitarian assistance pouring in from across the world.