Human Rights Lautoka office receives first complaint

March 5, 2024 4:37 pm

The Human Rights Commission Office in Lautoka

Attorney General Siromi Turaga was today glad to witness the first complaint lodged at the Human Rights Commission Office in Lautoka following the inauguration ceremony.

Turaga stresses this indicates how crucial the office will be in the Western Division.

He says it will allow the public including the vulnerable groups, to reach out to the Commission, in person, to seek advice or lodge their complaints on discrimination or violation of their rights and freedom under the Constitution.

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Turaga also says there is still a need to create more awareness on human rights values, particularly in the remote, rural and maritime areas.

“Human Rights education can begin in the homes, in our own communities, in villages, schools, and workplace and of course, through robust debates in the Parliament and through public discourses in media.”

Turaga says they cannot ignore the fact that we are living in a highly competitive world, today, with extraordinary technological progress, globalisation, which have contributed to growing social injustices and economic inequalities amongst our people.